Ted Levan

name Hi. My name is Ted Levan. I am Elsa’s husband and the proud father of my 2 year old bundle of joy, Laura. I am a house Dad and I write articles in my spare time about ovarian cysts.

“What does a man know about ovarian cysts” you may ask.

You see my wife and I are very close and she suffered from these cysts for 4 years before she got pregnant with our baby girl. I by extension therefore know a lot about the pain and suffering caused by ovarian cysts quite well.

Not just the physical pain but also the fears; ranging from the fear of not being able to get pregnant and the fear of ovarian cancer.

Needless to say we tried everything the doctor recommended short of surgery. When surgery was suggested we knew we had to find another way.

That’s when we found Laura Hennings natural ovarian cyst remedy program.

I’m limited by the number of words I can type here but simply put, and with no exaggeration whatsoever, Laura has saved my marriage and is one of the main reasons I have my baby girl today! My aim now is to let as many ovarian cyst sufferers know about her awesome program and that ovarian cyst can be beat using simple natural remedies.

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04th March 2010
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